About us

Tzvia Kazayoff

Tzvia Kazayoff heads a boutique office specialising in architectural planning and interior design. Time after time, the studio succeeds in transforming clients’ desires, needs and character into inspirational structures. Our expertise includes designing luxury apartments, private houses and commercial projects.
Thanks to over 20 years of experience, extensive research and a dedicated professional team, we excel at delivering original and creative solutions tailored precisely to our clients’ requirements and unique character. The studio uses cutting-edge technology at every stage of the process, from plans and simulations to the use of unique materials. Our design style blends modern and classic elements, infused with a rich variety of natural and authentic materials, to evoke a sense of temporary luxury.
A high level of service, innovative thinking that pushes boundaries and personal support from the planning phase to project completion transforming every challenge into a functional and impressively striking solution.

Our Team

Zlil Gani

I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity of transforming needs and dreams into tangible living spaces. Every day I am grateful for the chance to bring dreams to life through my work. As an interior designer, I approach my job with the utmost care, recognizing the delicate nature of understanding my client's desires before they can articulate them./

Gilli Cohen

As an interior designer, my belief lies in the essence of blending people, function and aesthetics. The combination of these elements fuel my passion. Each project is a journey, by crafting immersive realms together with evolving elements, ultimately bringing to life distinct and evolving visions.

Daria Utkina

My career as an Architect is the ultimate expression of my lifelong passion for drawing, as it allows me to transform spaces into both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional havens. I am deeply passionate about creating environments where people can live and work harmoniously.
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