Rooftop Luxury Condo

In our design concept, we don’t just focus on a home beyond a clear-cut aesthetic, but desire to reflect the lifestyle of the people who call the space a home. In this Tel Aviv penthouse apartment, in order to fulfill the design concept and customer’s needs, the apartment has undergone a massive renovation. The spaces […]

Eclectic Style

The project was designed for a seventy-year-old couple with a young soul, who bravely decided to completely transform their 20 year old living space. The design nature of this private residence is a reflection of the couple’s unique character – the combination of their advanced age and experiences, along with their young mind and the […]

Jaffa Sea Shore

With a direct view of the beach, the planning of the house constantly communicates with the urban and natural landscape at every turn. This is done by planning the placement of the openings while taking into account the sun’s impact on the building’s facades and the unique Israeli climate. The colorful apartment is inspired by […]

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