Metropolitan Chic

Metropolitan Chic: A Tech-Infused Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon In the heart of Ramat Hasharon, a striking penthouse stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of technology, personal taste, and a love for the sea. This 180-square-meter residence, adorned with approximately 95 square meters of balconies, is not just a home; it’s a carefully curated […]

Your Sunshine

This Penthouse in Be’er Sheva is elegantly adorned with a gold color palette. The Renovation of an old 3-room attic apartment, originally spanning 130 square meters in built size and 124 square meters balcony, now expanded to 195 square meters with a 60 square meter balcony. The common space was designed in a clean modern […]

Bohemian Soul

This penthouse in Ramat Hasharon is a home for a family of 5. The constructed area of ​​the penthouse is 260 square meters, boasting a ceiling height of 3.5 meters. What truly sets this penthouse apart is the additional 240 square meters of balconies combining the many uses of the house; a dining area, a […]

Urban Layout

This courageous couple made a bold decision when they reached their 80’s and moved from their private house in Raanana to Gindi Towers, in the center of Tel Aviv. A 195 square meter apartment with a spectacular view from the 29th floor, surrounded by a 20 square meter balcony overlooking the sea and the urban […]

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