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Project's description

During the initial phases, CEO Zahavi Atzmon and his partner shared a clear vision – They
desired a home with a soul. This starting point helped guide our team to create the house of
their dreams, striking a precise balance between modernity and classicism. The 40-year-old
house underwent an extensive renovation.
The staircase was kept in its original place, enhanced with a covering of natural iron and a
brick wall which created an eclectic aesthetic. Near the staircase in the living room area, a
black iron library seamlessly combined with solid wood, serves as both a functional partition
and an artistic element that complements the space. The entire house is covered with
cognac-colored parquet flooring, serving as a backdrop for the rustic cream-colored kitchen
and for the living room that is characterized by a more modern ambiance. The guest facilities
were designed to cater an evening entertainment with a glamorous touch, using combined
material such as mosaic and large porcelain granite tiles.
In the master bathroom we created a fresh morning atmosphere by combining light mosaic
with Carrara-like porcelain granite.
The attic transformed into a luxurious master bedroom adorned with a skylight that not only
adds an aesthetic touch, but also infuses the space with a romantic ambiance. Moreover, the
low-ceilinged areas were repurposed into storage solutions, effectively expanding the living
space to maximize functionality and comfort.

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Kfar Saba


325 \ 230


Planning & Lead designer - Tzvia Kazayoff
Assistant Interior Designer - Dimitri Shraibman
Project photography –
Elad Gonen
Contractor – Ofir Hanun
Kitchen - Regba
Custom carpentry –
Israel Miller
Furniture – Erez Levi
Carpets – Tzemer
Curtains and textiles –
Ella Decor
Glazing – Zahavi Atzmon
Bathroom utensils and tiles - Zahavi Atzmon
Kitchen surfaces and bathrooms - Zahavi Atzmon
Lighting – Kamchi
Air conditioning – Mizug plus
Doors - Stato
Windows – Cochav aluminium
Accessories - Edition

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