Land by the Sea

Project's description

This seaside house is the home of a father and son who moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
seeking to embrace its vibrant and dynamic lifestyle. Tailor-designed to their unique living
arrangement, the house features a separate residential unit integrated within the main
apartment. The challenge in designing this special house is understanding the complexity of
its occupants– a father and son who live side by side and yet require complete separation in
their daily routine. The apartment was designed with careful planning focused on practical
division and spatial organization. The project represents how the basic architecture of the
house can simultaneously limit and integrate accurately the interior design of the house,
resulting in a truly distinctive and personally customized creation.

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​​240 / 40


Planning & Lead designer - Tzvia Kazayoff
Project photography – Amit Gosher
Kitchen – Semel Kitchens
Custom carpentry –
Nir Agayev
Furniture – Niso & The Box
Carpets – Tzemer carpets
Curtains and textiles –
Ella decor
Glazing – Bar-or mirrors
Bathroom utensils and tiles – Mody & Avney tal
Kitchen surfaces and bathrooms – Verona marble
Lighting – Hench
Air conditioning - Bet Hamatkinim
Doors - Stato
Home Automation - Defend
Accessories - Edition by Sagit Goldin
Artwork – Vered Rosen

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