Elegant Simplicity

Project's description

A project apartment that underwent a stunning design transformation, this 124 square meter
apartment with a 40 square meter balcony embodies the concept of weave and haute
couture in every aspect. The TV was cleverly concealed behind a mashrabia made of brass
to create two types of viewing and entertainment experiences, the kitchen island is covered
with stone tiles and seamlessly connected to a dining table that fits in a graceful, embracing
motion. The combination of colors and materials transformed the design into a celebration.






124 / 40


Planning & Lead designer - Tzvia Kazayoff
Assistant Interior Designer - Zlil Gani
Project photography –
Elad Gonen
Contractor – David Gitis
Kitchen – Semel kitchens
Custom carpentry –
Israel Miller
Furniture - Pitaro Heht
Carpets – Tzemer carpets
Curtains and textiles –
Ella Decor
Glazing - Vitreum
Bathroom utensils and tiles – Zahavi Atzmon
Kitchen surfaces and bathrooms – Segev Carmel
Lighting – Luce
Doors - Stato
Accessories - Edition
Artwork – Efrat Ilan

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