Ralph Lauren Style

Project's description

A beautiful couple chose us to renovate their home thinking about the future and choosing
the ideal moment before they won’t have the strength for such a process. This private house
revolves around a captivating white color concept, which creates an illusion of spaciousness,
height and an airy atmosphere – the very essence of the design. A project that is pure of
white-cream shades with tasteful hints of coffee and gold, and a Ralph Lauren sofa placed
as an accent that adds an elegant breeze. With a lot of love and patience, the project turned
out very successful for us and above all, we cherish the remarkable results that have
brought our vision to life.


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Ramat Chen


250 / 250


Planning & Lead designer - Tzvia Kazayoff
Assistant Interior Designer - Zlil Gani
Project photography –
Elad Gonen
Contractor – Ofir Hanun
Kitchen – Semel kitchens
Custom carpentry –
Israel Miller
Furniture – Private Room
Carpets - Tzemer carpets
Curtains and textiles –
Ella Decor
Glazing - Vitreum
Bathroom utensils and tiles - Hezibamk
Kitchen surfaces and bathrooms - Fervital
Lighting - Kamchi
Air conditioning -
Bet Hamatkinim
Doors - Stato
Windows - Dalal
Artwork – Efrat Ilan

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