Amorphic sand Lobby

Guy and Doron Levy, a distinguished veteran construction company, constructed 17 buildings in the Eucalyptus neighborhood in Be’er Ya’akov. Tzvia Kazioff Studio was selected to design each lobby, maintaining a common DNA while treating each building as an individual based on its architectural characteristics. The architectural concept in the lobbies is modern, young, and soft, […]

Elegant Journey

Spacious eclectic-classic lobby. The lobby is defined by a rich combination of materials including marble, wood, concrete, brass and soft-toned textiles, which form the basis of the elegant atmosphere that transports you to the luxurious hotels of the 1930s in New York. The reception desk is crafted in clean lines from mahogany wood with an […]

Bright calmness

Wear white this summer! The main lobby in the building of the contractor Efraim Pliner is in a festive atmosphere of freedom in white. Our design approach gives a sense of space and height. We created a special wall covering technique by doubling the company’s logo – similar to an origami fold (paper folds). This […]

Contemporary Oasis

The firm of Guy & Doron Levy has built a beautiful neighborhood in Modi’in entrusting our office with the design of the main and floor lobbies across all buildings. This is one of the lobbies that represent the concept we developed together with the company for the benefit of the intended audience – families with […]

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