Aesthetic Harmony Residence

Project's description

When new clients arrive at our offices, one of the initial inquiries on the form is: “How did you find us?” The response serves as a testament to our work – what did we execute correctly? Be it through word of mouth, advertising, social media, and the like, in this instance, the response was more favourable: “We stumbled upon a house you had planned , showcased for sale, which captivated us. Though the deal fell through, we resolved to seek a property, with the anticipation that you would plan and design it no less exquisitely and practically than the property we beheld!” Thus, we commenced collaborating with a young couple, parents to two young daughters, teeming with aspirations for their future abode. We transformed an antiquated dwelling into a refined and youthful domicile that harmonized dreams with reality, endowing all occupants with a sense of belonging and profound pride.






275 / 250


Planning & Lead designer - Tzvia Kazayoff
Assistant Interior Designer - Zlil Gani
Project photography –
Amit Geron
Contractor –
Luis Guzman Gonzalez Medina
Kitchen - Modulnova
Custom carpentry –
Roey Orenshten
Furniture - The Box
Carpets – The Box
Curtains and textiles –
Ella Decor
Glazing – Vitreum
Bathroom utensils and tiles -
Zahavi Atzmon
Kitchen surfaces and bathrooms –
Boristone, Segev Carmel
Lighting - Kamchi
Air conditioning - Bet Hamatkinim
Doors – Shoval Doors
Windows - Kolo Issey
Home Automation – Vitrea
Audio/Visual suppliers - Vitrea
Accessories -
The Box, Limor Chaer, Steimatzky
Fireplace – Ortal Kaminim
Artwork - Ifrat Ilan, Limor Chaer

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