Ralph Lauren Style

A beautiful couple chose us to renovate their home thinking about the future and choosing the ideal moment before they won’t have the strength for such a process. This private house revolves around a captivating white color concept, which creates an illusion of spaciousness, height and an airy atmosphere – the very essence of the […]

Bright calmness

Wear white this summer! The main lobby in the building of the contractor Efraim Pliner is in a festive atmosphere of freedom in white. Our design approach gives a sense of space and height. We created a special wall covering technique by doubling the company’s logo – similar to an origami fold (paper folds). This […]

Rooftop Luxury Condo

In our design concept, we don’t just focus on a home beyond a clear-cut aesthetic, but desire to reflect the lifestyle of the people who call the space a home. In this Tel Aviv penthouse apartment, in order to fulfill the design concept and customer’s needs, the apartment has undergone a massive renovation. The spaces […]

County Edge

During the initial phases, CEO Zahavi Atzmon and his partner shared a clear vision – They desired a home with a soul. This starting point helped guide our team to create the house of their dreams, striking a precise balance between modernity and classicism. The 40-year-old house underwent an extensive renovation. The staircase was kept […]

Everlasting Love

The first time she met the client from Akko, Tzvia Kazayoff felt that he was very frustrated. “I’m really disappointed.” he told her at the beginning of the conversation. “My friends spent half of the amount I spent on building a new house, and their house feels like a ‘home’ while my house is foreign […]

Hikari Laboratories

The “Hikari Laboratories” project is located in a conservation building in Benei Atarot, a settlement in Israel, which contains 120 years of history in a rare and mesmerizing Templar construction. This once family barn transformed into a multi-use function concept hall. In the initial planning phase, the visionary owners of Hikari, an innovative cosmetics company, […]

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